Learn How to Meditate

Interested in learning how to meditate? Join us for an introductory class which demonstrates how to meditate and explains Buddhist views in a friendly, easy to understand style. This practice is suitable for beginners.
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Chapel Hill Meditation Retreat

Step away from the stress and anxiety of everyday life and immerse yourself in the beauty of Hill Country. This retreat will teach you a powerful method for purifying negative karma, healing diseases and accumulating great positive energy.
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Advanced Buddhist Studies

This Foundation Program is for those who wish to deepen their understanding and experience of Buddhism through the systematic study and practice of six texts. Each class includes Buddhist teachings and meditation.
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About Meditation In Houston

Meditation in Houston is a 501(3)c non-profit offering meditation instruction classes and Buddhist instruction for those Houstonians seeking relief from the stress and anxiety of daily life. Our goal is to provide meditation classes and Buddhist teachings in Houston for the benefit of all living beings. Rather than becoming angry when things don’t go our way, we can learn new ways of responding. Through learning meditation and familiarizing ourselves with Buddhism we can learn to develop and maintain a peaceful mind when faced with the most difficult life circumstances.

Meditation in Houston is part of the New Kadampa Tradition International Kadampa Buddhist Union led by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Find a meditation class near you.